July Report


Our second team of New Zealand helpers from Orewa and Blockhouse Bay in Auckland have just left. What a blessing NZ teams 1 and 2 have been! Our goal is to finish the apartment by the end of August, a seemingly impossible task. Team 2 lived in a swirl of fine plaster dust, yet maintained their joy and enthusiasm, accomplishing much. Not only did they build, plaster, clean, carpenter and paint but also ministered in the villages .THANK YOU.

Petry is now overseeing a team of workers while John is installing some basic facilities for our next large group coming from Wisconsin. Next week the final concrete floor will be poured. It is a race to get this done before July 26th, arrival date of the US team.
We are pushing ahead knowing that with the amount of Romanian labour involved plus huge quantities of materials being used, money will soon run short. Keep us lifted up in prayer. Our God is the provider.

Second toilet installed

Well earned rest

Tired out

So much to do

NZ team 2

Fitting new well cover

Another bedroom in temporary use.

The HOH board on site

The kitchen from the apartment

Preparing the grounds for the Chetek team…



Master bedroom

Master bedroom – different angle

Some final instructions


Your turn to preach

Young women helping at camp



Everything is starting to come together. We appreciate your prayers, support and patience so much. We now have a team of plasterers working on the final insulation and plastering of the exterior of the building. How exciting!
However, don’t give up praying. The student area of the building has a long way to go. The electricians are wiring it up. The plumber will move through into that area once he has piped the apartment. Then once again, there is the major job of interior plastering, sanding, fitting of showers etc plus all the carpentry for cupboards, wardrobes and shelving needed.
What is the purpose of this work and the cost involved? To bring glory to God and to train another generation of young leaders from deprived backgrounds. It is easy to get so involved in the building, we forget the aims. Keep us focused, Lord.

Up high

Start of final insulation and outside plastering

Many hands-light work

Leader of Romanian plastering team

First coat finished


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