The Chetek guys :)

It was a privilege to have a wonderful team from Chetek, Wisconsin working at HOH. From the 26th of July until the 8th of August they worked on different projects. They cleaned out the whole building, something that I have been waiting to do for a long time. They cleared all the scrap wood that was all over the building and stored it under a wood shed that was also built by them. Our priority is to finish the apartment where the director of the center will move so there was a lot of primer and paint used on all the walls.   All 26 of them worked hard so much was accomplished. A team also worked in the attic installing insulation, beginning the preparation of the building for the winter.

On of the most exciting things was to see the first two student bedrooms with the bathroom and the closet framing done. Two are done, seven more to go.

As I was sharing with the team one night, it has been so encouraging to see the young people from Faith Baptist Church in Chetek, gathered in the study and dining room. It was a glimpse in the future when the center will have young people learning and being part of the training programs. It was amazing to observe the Chetek team work together, handling  good times and bad, but also sharing how precious was the time spent as a team. God has been great to us and I know that He was at work during the two weeks while “the Chetek guys” were here. My prayer is that everything they did (hard physical work, outreach in villages, team building, personal development) would bring transformation for others but also for their own life. I also know some of them will be back soon and we look forward to that day.

We want to thank the pastors and parents of Faith Baptist Church in Chetek for trusting us with your youth group and for allowing us to serve along side them for almost two weeks.  We miss the noise, fellowship, laughter, SINGING, and unexpected haircuts, missing passports, locked up students,  moments that their team brought to Horizon of Hope.

Please enjoy some pictures that were taken by me or some of the team members.

HOH Center

Apartment kitchen, cook and helpers

Dining room

The leadership table ( Destiny included :) )

The bedroom of the boys

Mark and his guitar

Lenny – the adopted group mascot :)

“The Chetek Guys” – Copyright by Petry Groza

The “Chetek Guys” plus Petry

Extra activities

The second outhouse needed to be built due to the high number of people staying in the building

Working on the drainage for the septic tank

A new purpose for a light and an almost-done living room

Our wonderful cook – Lili

Working on the ceilings

The second bathroom ready to be used

Building the wood shed

Having fun in the Romanian rain


Hanging drywall

The bedroom of the girls

Getting ready for ceiling insulation

The attic crew

Troy at work (a.k.a. Iron Man)

Jessica & Bailey master painters


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  1. Marian says:

    I just love watching God work in HOH through so many people!

  2. Crystal Hampton says:

    The place looks great! What an amazing job they did! So excited to see the progress. HOH is on it’s way.

  3. Rebecca Hochstetler says:

    I am super impressed!!! I remember when it was just a plot of land. I can’t wait to come see it…hopefully soon?

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