The plastering has begun

I am again excited to show you some photos of the plastering that just began today at HOH youth center. We only have the money to finish one room or maybe two, however it is a very good start. I will be keeping you posted on the progress and show you pictures of the final product as soon as it will be done.

This past week we also had 5 people that were happy to help at HOH. Pastor Don, Nicole, Michael, Luke and Henry helped by carrying wood, pouring concrete, framing walls, chiseling through concrete for the electrical wiring, etc. It was a great help even though they were here for only 3 days. We are very thankful for anyone that desires to be part of our vision at HOH. We notice that more and more people desire to be part of this project. We knew it will be so because it is not our effort but it is God’s effort. This is what makes HOH a great project. People are always ready to become part of something great.

Please enjoy the pictures and continue to pray for us. If you desire to be part of the HOH please write to us at


Pastor Don in action :)

Luke working on filling some gaps between the roof and the last floor

Nicole cleared a huge pile of scrap wood from the main study room

Henry and his shovel :)

Michael, trying out the Romanian traditional broom

From L to R: Luke, Don, Michael, Henry, Dani, Anca, Ema & Florin

Pouring concrete around the water well

Henry made a new friend while working at HOH.. Lydia was telling me that Henry named the dog "Aici" (in Romanian "Aici" means "here")

Don, Lydia, Nicole, Luke, Henry & Michael

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    This is so exciting!!

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